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Motor Repair

Since 1931 Illinois Electric Works has been the industry leader repairing industrial equipment. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services and products to keep industry running 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, performing any job - any time!

AC/DC motor rewinding and repairs to 10,000 horsepower, babbitt bearing spin casting, laser coupling alignment, metallizing, selective plating, predictive maintenance, on-site services, pump repairs, related machining and welding.

Each repair job is scrupulously examined in detail so we know from the outset the full breadth of repairs needed to return your motor to its original manufactured condition. We practice stringent adherence to the industry's most demanding specifications.

Available Redesign, Rewind, Repair Services for the smallest motors through 10000 HP and weights up to 40 tons, AC and DC. Each motor we receive for repair is analyzed for the cause of failure and we document each step of the repair process including complete mechanical inspection.

Solenoids, brake coils, magnet coils and coils of all types can be wound on our computer operated coil machines.

Each winding is computer verified for accuracy and proper design. Each stator is core loss tested before and after stripping. Surge comparison testing, polarization index and AC/DC hipot testing are all part of our standard operating procedure.

Windings undergo Vacuum Pressure Impregnate (VPI) process with our unique epoxy/polyester blend resin resulting in maximum motor protection in all running environments including hermetically sealed units.

Illinois Electric Works' complete machine shop sets us apart from the competition. We select the repair option best suitable for the application whether it is welding, selective brush plating, metal stitching, metallizing or making new parts by reverse engineering. Having all of the repair processes available under our roof assures you will never have to wait to have your motor repairs performed.

To make sure your machine operates with low vibration we have multiple in house balance stands equipped with computerized instrumentation for rotating elements through 25000 pounds.

We test even the largest motors at rated voltage on our computer operated test board. No motor leaves our shop without a final document and quality review.

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